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A Letter to the Yesterweb | 2022-06-08
(this is largely directed at members of the Yesterweb, but also applies to people i've met thru neocities and mastodon!!) Also, it's clearly not done, but if I don't upload it now, I never will...so it's a WIP!!!

Dear Netizens,
Today is my NeoCities anniversary. One year since I created an account on a fairly unassuming website with a cartoonish cat mascot. At the time, I had no idea what a change my life was about to go through. How long ago it all seems!
It all started with emreed's Low-Tech Webring. Some of my IRL friends and I like to keep up with
Everest Pipkin's projects, and one of them sent me the webring's directory link after discovering that they were part of it. From there, I found Sadness' site (a phrase I often see in the #intros channel, haha!) and through that, the Yesterweb Discord server. After awkwardly hanging around for a bit, I finally made a NeoCities--A whole MONTH after joining! Before NeoCities, I had a rather simple page hosted through GitHub, but NeoCities brought me something that I was looking for: Community.
I feel more connected than ever--even if someone's interests are radically different than mine, i still, inevitably, feel a connection to them. We both sought out a place outside the confines of the starched code of places like Facehell and Bird App. There's a certain DIY ethic, a drive to create and share what you create (even if it can sometimes feel like shouting into a void) with others, that I think all website creators necessarily share. If we didn't, then we wouldn't be here! additionally, i cannot stress enough how important it is to have a learning community. we motivate each other, learn from each other, and inspire each others' creative spirit. There have been innumerable times where i've been
inspired to make something by a question that someone else asked in one of the help channels. Thank you all for making the Yesterweb a welcoming and fun place to be, and here's to hanging out more in the future!!!

Shoutouts: people who have inspired me, helped me learn, and grow: (some of them i am even fortunate enough to call my friends!)

sadness--the leader of our ragtag crew of HTML hobbyists, career IT experts, and artists >:D I feel like you're sort of the mad scientist of the Yesterweb--
You always announce that you have a crazy-cool project in progress and then like an hour later you're like "omg done!!" and it's amazing
madness--an essentially unknowable server cryptid, madness will surface for like an hour, say something interesting, and then disappear for weeks. probably the healthiest way to use discord, actually....
cinni--An incredibly talented artist and the creator of one of the most ~ A E S T H E T I C ~ sites around!
a magician with CSS, she's also unfailingly kind and the person to see if you need a retro cute/anime graphic~!
AuzzieJay--Creative, levelheaded and quick to make a joke. I appreciate your sense of humor! LITERALLY my favorite vegan marxist webmaster >:D
xandra--I have yet to have a conversation with you where you are anything less than a positive and rational voice! plus your site is styled as a museum, which is rad.
Snufkin--a cool cat for sure. *old man voice* we go waaay back, snufkin is someone i hung out with a lot when the server was smaller. plus ur a moomins fan so >>> and ur website is one of my all-time faves hehe
Grafo--Another mad scientist, and a positive presence on the server! thanks for setting up the cybercafe hub, it's super cool!
Bytemoth--my go-to person for software recommendations. Bytemoth knows what's up.
LLT--such a kind (and enigmatic) individual. Though it's been a while since we've talked, I always appreciate your insight!
maya: Maya's site design takes the phrase "simple yet elegant" to a whole new level -- also has a ton of great links!
kicks condor:
grossgirl94: such a well-designed site!!!
everest pipkin: basically the reason i got into this stuff when i did. constantly in awe of their projects!!
tsvety: tsvety has helped me troubleshoot hard drives and given me lots of resources for learning russian :) (not to mention the fact they got our mastodon instance up and running!!) (thx tsvety)
memo: i'm not sure we've *directly* interacted that much, but i've seen you give a lot of helpful tech advice in the server, which i appreciate!!
fLaMEdfury: just generally a cool guy, fLaMEd has consistently provided top-tier tech help, and is always willing to give pointers when someone needs them!!
and many, many more...

Hope this letter finds you all well,
Tonic J. Funk, Hedge Programmer

P.S. i know i haven't been super active recently--the combination of Life Stuff and having executives that love to dysfunction gets in the way, so recently i've mostly ended up just lurking T_T i'm still around tho!!